Our services

When you visit our office, you can access a range of services. These include:

Well-child visits

Wellness visits can help prevent future illnesses for your child. Through regular monitoring of health factors such as lung capacity and blood pressure, your child’s primary care provider can have a better chance of noticing any unusual changes in your child’s health. This means your child’s doctor may be able to spot developing medical conditions before they become more serious.

These check-ups can also be good times to talk with your children’s provider about how to develop and maintain healthy habits for your family.

Sick-child visits

Illnesses and injuries can happen suddenly. Whether your child falls off a bicycle or catches a cold at school, you want to know he or she can get compassionate treatment quickly. We reserve several same-day and next-day appointments for sick or injured patients. This helps ensure that your children can get the care they need when they need it most.

If you need expert guidance for one of your children when we are closed, you can still call our clinic number to get connected with a nurse on our Care Connections team. This nurse can help you decide whether your child needs to go to the emergency room or can wait until the morning to see a primary care provider.


Our team follows the vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. To learn more about our care philosophy regarding immunizations, please call us during business hours or ask your children’s provider during their appointment.

School, camp and sports physicals

Before your children are able to enroll in school or participate in some sports and camps, they may need to get a physical. These wellness exams can include vision tests, heart rate monitoring and height and weight measurement.

If your children need school or activity-related physicals, we may be able to schedule these exams along with your children’s annual wellness visits. Call our office to see if scheduling these visits together is a possibility. We can also schedule an activity-related physical as its own appointment.

When you bring your children for their school or sports physical, please bring the forms that your children’s coaches, day care leaders or teachers have given you.

ADD and ADHD consultations

If your child has difficulty focusing at school and at home, your child’s provider may recommend an evaluation for attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These disorders can make it hard for children to succeed in academics and other activities. Our team offers consultations to help you and your child decide if certain therapies could be useful in managing the condition.

Ear piercing

If your child has an interest in getting his or her ears pierced, you can schedule an appointment to have it done quickly and safely at our clinic. Please call our office for more details.